Central Ohio Football Officials Association

Open Games Signup Sheet

** Games posted on this page are not guaranteed to be assigned to those individuals who indicate an interest in and are available to work on the date requested.  Respondents will be contacted if and when a game assignment is to be made by the individual or school posting a game to this page.  The assignment is only valid if and when a contract is issued by the school(s) involved and or league assignor authorized to assign a game for the league or school.

***Open/Closed column will reflect if you are open in the morning, afternoon and/or evening.

* To remove your name from a game signup sheet 'Uncheck' the checkbox and press 'Accept' for that game *

Signup? Date Time Site Type Level   Your
 Yes   No  8/1/2024 (Thu) 2024  Looking for 2024 Varsity Crew  Boys  Varsity   Open
 Yes   No  8/23/2024 (Fri) 7pm  Looking For HL or LJ, Season  Boys  Varsity   Open
 Yes   No  9/13/2024 (Fri) 7:00  Central Ohio  Boys  Varsity   Open